Getting Digital

As you can see, the drawings have changed a little. As much as I miss the brush and inkwell already, I cannot afford the time any longer, so I have decided to do this comic all digital from now on. A few style hiccups over the next few weeks are to be expected 🙂


This is somewhat old news, but I haven’t yet mentioned my recent adoption of a young red panda: Pinju! This is what he looks like:

The adoption was a wonderful gift from my girlfriend. More information about the program and, of course, red pandas in general are available at the Red Panda Network. Take a look!

Making Of

Hi there,

I’ve started posting “production notes”, sketches, etc. for the Clara & Pong episodes on my German blog For now, I will continue doing so in German only, but if you, my fellow English-speaking reader, would be interested in having an English version  – let me know!

Up and running

Hi folks,

after much fiddling with the $%@#! web page I proudly present the first episode of my shiny new web comic! If you find a problem with the site, please let me know. Any other kind of feedback is also very welcome. Simply post a comment here or email me at kolja[at]

Have fun!